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Auction has ended

All leading bidders will be contacted. Thank you for your participation and attention!

Through an open call for illustrations, custom-made light art has been produced with each item available for purchase through an auction. All profits go to support Sverige for UNHCR.

How to bid?

Look through this site and decide on a sign to bid on. Place a bid. If your bid is the the highest at the end of the auction, it's yours! Read the FAQ for more information. Your email is not publically displayed, and used only for contact in case you are the winner.

Deadline June 26.

About the lights

All the signs use white and bright LEDs with colorued silicone covers. This means the signs look great even without power. All the LEDs are mounted on laser-cut acrylic and comes with mounting holes. To power the light a small power supply is included, and a remote that controls the brightness of the lights. With the remote it is also possible to add different kinds of pulsating and fading effects. The lights are built for indoor use.

Custom design?

Custom designs start at 6000 SEK and price vary based on size, complexity and the amount of design work required. We can design something from scratch, or adapt an already existing drawing. Write [email protected] with your request!


Logo by Eugenia Kukharchuk. Thanks to Shoof for lending us their space!

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